School Consulting

Zest for Life provides consulting services to schools to assist in international college admission success of their students. This includes training of teachers and counselors to understand needs of students applying to international (non-Indian) institutions for higher education.

Understanding the University application process in various countries

Standardized Testing requirements

Prerequisites and high school subject requirements across courses

Creation of college lists

Planning applications and summer activities for students

Understanding early admission strategies and data

Writing recommendations (for teachers and counsellors)

Strategies to help students be successful in applying to world-ranked, highly selective universities (ie MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cambridge and Oxford.)

Advising on scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students.

School counselor and heads of schools are our primary audience, but our services can also benefit teachers, other support staff, administrators, students, and parents.


Do contact us to find our how we can be of assistance to your institution.

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